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*** The Eyes Can't Lie ***

Our System Is Used In Criminal Courts By Order Of The New Mexico Judicial District Court Order

EyeDetect – Eye Lie Detector Tests in Manchester
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*** The Worlds Most Accurate Lie Detector Available ***

Lie Detection Services In Greater Manchester - EyeDetect is a next-generation lie detector it measures subtle changes in the eyes to detect deception.

EyeDetect is a next generation lie detector that works by measuring subtle changes in the eyes. At Lie2Me’s Manchester office, we offer lie detector tests as part of pre-employment checks, domestic dispute resolutions, criminal investigations, legal proceedings, and individuals requiring closure on personal matters. The EyeDetect lie detector method is the newest form of technology and is quicker and more accurate than polygraph lie detector tests. The test generates unbiased pass or fail results instantly and lasts around 45 minutes.
All lie detector tests, including EyeDetect are based on the way lying and deception puts greater stress on the mind and body. Slight changes in stress levels cause subtle changes in the eyes, such as the size of the pupil, eye movement patterns, blinking speed, and where the eyes focus and fixate. The most recent developments in behavioural science have enhanced technology’s ability to precisely detect smaller details and variations that the polygraph test misses.

• 45 minute tests
• Instant results
• Incorruptible
• Unbiased
• Pass/fail results

What is a Polygraph?

What actually is a Polygraph?

Polygraph Lie Detector Information

Invented in 1921 - Accuracy of 89% - Test time up to 5 hours - Time to get results up to 5 hours - Examiners “interpret” changes in Polygraph recordings - £400 to £550

What is the EyeDetect?

Why we choose EyeDetect?

EyeDetect - Lie Detector Information

Invented in 2014 - Accuracy of 88% - Test time up to 45 minutes - Time to get results up to 5 minutes - Automated testing process that maximizes reliability and objectivity - £350

How the Eye Lie Detector Test Works:

The brain and eyes can reveal a lot when it comes to deception. The more consequence a lie has, the greater the stress placed on the brain’s cognitive functions. This stress first shows through the eyes.

EyeDetect is the result of over a decade of research and testing by a team of leading experts in the polygraph lie detection method. They came to the conclusion that the truth is hidden in the eyes. 

EyeDetect measures subtle changes and movements in the eyes, including:

• Changes in pupil diameter 

• Eye movement patterns

• Blinking patterns

We use an infrared camera connected to a complex computer algorithm that calculate the credibility score of the person undergoing the lie detector test. 

The infrared camera records the participant’s eye behaviours, and feeds the data back into the computer, as the participant answers true/false questions on a computer. 

After the test, question responses and eye movement information is uploaded to a web server for immediate scoring. 

Our team will view these results in our online Converus Dashboard. The Converus Credibility score will reveal how probable it is that the participant answered truthfully. 


How EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests Can Help


EyeDetect testing is an effective tool for businesses, the legal profession and private individuals. It is used for purposes that include the following:

• Confirming or disproving a person’s involvement in wrongdoing or suspicious activity

• To prove someone’s innocence when accused of a crime or deception

• Resolve a dispute where two people’s word is the only available evidence

• Pre-employment screening for high-risk sectors including security

• Assisting in a legal or corporate investigation

• Domestic dispute resolution for cheating accusations

• Measuring the credibility of sexual contact accusations or claims


Our Manchester based team of examiners is highly professional and fully trained. We offer a reliable, flexible and discreet service across Manchester, Liverpool and the North West.  We operate in the strictest of confidence for both parties. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art lie detection services, investigators and businesses can save significant costs and resources by narrowing the focus of an enquiry and finding investigative leads quicker. 

What Can EyeDetect Test For?

EyeDetect Tests Are Often Administered Where A Spouse Or Partner Is Suspected of Cheating, Tests Can Be Administered In These Situations For Truth Verification.

EyeDetect Tests Allow Innocent Parties To Clear Name And Prove Honesty, Our Tests Can Be Administered In These Situations For Truth Verification.

Including Rape, Sexual Contact Accusations Can Destroy Lives, EyeDetect Can Be Used To Show The Credibility of These Claims, 

Security Firms And Business Operating In High Risk Sectors Request To Have The Information Furnished By An Applicant Verified By EyeDetect.

If Your Test Fits The Below Parameters Then A Same Day Test Is Available

– Sexual Contact With Anyone Other Than Your Current Partner. (Girlfriend/Boyfriend Since You Became Serious)

– Sexual Contact With Anyone Other Than Your Husband/Wife. (Since You Got Married)

– Sexual Contact With Anyone Other Than Your Current Partner. (Since You Became Serious) – Can Be Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Fiancé, Husband Or Wife.


Passionate Kissing – Vaginal Sex – Anal Sex – Oral Sex – Fondling the Sex Organs of Another Person – Mutual Masturbation – Any Other Intimate, Sexual Contact That Leads To Sexual Stimulation or Climax.


Flirting – Talking – Texting – Talking or Contacting on Social Media – Sexting – Hugging – Kissing on The Cheek



Why We Use The EyeDetect

* 45 minute Tests

* Instant Results

* It Cannot Be Beaten

* Incorruptible

* Unbiased

* Simple Results – Pass or Fail


Contact Us to Book a Test

We administer EyeDetect lie detector tests seven days a week. 

To book your test, please fill in the contact form, email us at or call our Manchester office on 0161 8211 222. 

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