Frequently Asked Questions

You can call to ask about our Eye Detect system or to book in a test.

1. Is the Eye Detect as good as a Polygraph?

As trained professionals we stand by polygraph tests that are given by accredited examiners 100%, however you need to make sure they are a member of the American Polygraph Association and are in date with their training. At X Three Surveillance we use a new system called Eye Detect, this highly sophisticated system uses technology and algorithms rather than human interpretation of data, it is easily portable and we can get tests to you faster and results quicker than any polygraph.

2. Can you do a same day test?

Yes, we have several tests already in the Eye Detect system, for example we have ‘Sexual contact other than partner” which will asks questions about having sexual contact with anyone other than your partner. We require the fee upfront to book the Eye Detect and Exam Proctor but we will get to you in the same day if were able to do so.

3. I wear glasses can I still take the test?

Yes, however Bi-focal, Tri-focal and progressive lenses are no to be worn, we can supply 1.5 X reading glasses to take the test however during the test all test questions and explanations are read out for you by the computer.

4. The person taking the test takes drugs can they still take the test?

Yes, however some drugs affect the pupils too much to administer the test such as opioids. Any drugs prescribed or not should be withheld for 24 hours prior to testing if this is possible. The Eye Detect will know if a persons eye do not react normally, when the test is scored they will fail the test for using a countermeasure.

5. The person taking the test has amblyopia can they still take the test?

Yes, the Eye Detect system can be used for people with Esotropia, Exotropia, Hypertropia and Hypotropia, however the initial set up and calibration may take 5 minutes more.

6. Do I get to ask 3 questions?

Yes, however these types of tests are reserved for pre-employment screening, in most cases such as infidelity, theft and sexual contact we get a summary of the events and accusations from you, the Eye Detect system asks the examinee to simply answer true or false to the questions about this summary, this speeds up the process of having a lie detection test.

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